Workshop conducted to municipality at Madhuranthagam

Workshop conducted to municipality at Madhuranthagam

Covid-19 Response 2

Provided Free Health Check Up and provisions like rice, dhal, oil, sugar and salt packages to Disabled Persons for about 175 families in Ellapuram Block at Thiruvallur District of Tamil Nadu

Covid-19 Response

Provided provisions like rice, dhal, oil, sugar and salt packages to ST community for about 50 families in Mettukadu tribal village in Chengalpattu district of Tamil Nadu.

50 families including 108 beneficiaries. (5kg rice, 1kg dhal, sugar, oil and 1 salt pocket for each family). And few individual donors provided cooked food for them in sevaral times. Covid-19 awareness and precautions did for the Tribal community.

Skill training on tailoring and embroidery

Socially and economically backward poor women are trained in tailoring and embroidery skills.

50 women benefited under this program. Beneficiaries are from Sholavaram block of Thiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu.

Skill training to Persons With Disabilities - PwDs

PwDs are motivated and formed in to structured groups aiming monthly small savings by maintaining bank accounts in four blocks namely Sholavaram, Ellapuram, Minjur and Gummidipondi of Thiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu.

They are provided skill training on tailoring which will be an income source of their livelihood. They are assisted by Padasalai to get ID cards, Monthly Allowance and assisting tools like walking sticks, hearing aid phone tools, Tricycles, supportive tools to mobility, etc with the linkage of Government schemes and other organizations.

Physiotherapy for PwDs

A qualified professional person of physiotherapists arranged for medical support and needful counseling to PwDs.

After School Tuitions

METTUKADU village comes under the Maraimalainagar Municipality Town where Scheduled Tribes (ST) community thickly populated. This village children are studying in Sattamangalam and Peramanur Primary and High Schools.

PADASALAI initiated a free Tuition centre in METTUKADU which is called ‘After School Tutoring Centre’. 100 children are benefiting through this program regularly. All children are provided school materials and stationery items. They are given snacks in all days at the end of the tuition classes.

Dengue Awareness Program

Dengue was a major health issue and affected a lot in all over Tamil Nadu, India. It had become a very much social problem and huge numbers of people have lost their precious life.

Hence, PADASALAI organized a health awareness camp on Dengue by providing “Nilavembu Kasayam” (a traditional medication drink) at METTUKADU village. More than 250 village people benefited through the camp. They were all distributed dengue awareness and precaution information pamphlets during the program.

Similar Dengue awareness camp was also carried out by PADASALAI at Singaperumalkoil, Kancheepuram District. Nearly 350 people benefited in the health awareness camp by drinking “Nilavembu Kasayam”. They were also distributed dengue awareness and precaution information pamphlets.

Car Driving Skill Training to village Women

PADASALAI jointed hands with the PARVEEN TRANSPORT INDIA Pvt. Ltd, Chennai for providing skill training on Car Driving exclusively for village women. It was one month Car Driving program organized only for village women. The training program conducted at the Professional Car Driving Centre, Singaperumalkoil.

60 women members benefited and were able to obtain Car Driving licenses for all who have passed out the theoretical and practical exams conducted at the end of its training period. Except 2 of them all other women successfully got their Car Driving licenses. 2 women from that trained batch were able to get Car Driving job at the Parveen Transport India Pvt. Ltd company itself for monthly salary INR 15000 is the great success of the skill training conducted.

First Aid Awareness Program

First Aid awareness program conducted to the Construction Field Workers and Supervisors in Maraimalainagar, Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu, India.

Support to Anganwadi

Pre-school children in Anganwadi centre at Potheri East is having 30 to 40 kids. PADASALAI assisting the centre by providing Snacks, Toys, Floor mats, etc.

Awareness on Environment

Environment awareness program conducted to the METTUKADU village people. 100 village people attended the program and benefited. Tree Plantation by the participants of the program carried out at the end of the program.

Skill Training for Women Youth Group

Village women youth attended in a skill training program on Candle Making, Greeting Cards Making, Agarpathi (a kind of perfume) Making and Preparing edible snacks items using traditional food grains. 65 women youth trained in different batch of the training so far.

Shop Opening Ceremony of our Beneficiary

One of our benefeciary has opened a new shop with the help of our training and support.

25 women of them are earning for their daily bread at Katankulathur and Maraimalainagar. 2 of them are doing a petty shop by selling the traditional food grains food and snacks items in Maraimalainagar. It is the success of the training conducted.

Annual Day

Annual Day Celebration at Mettukudu Village, by providing needed things to the people of the village.